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Wrapped in Vines, Covered in Thorns - Studio Stems (FULL)

Wrapped in Vines, Covered in Thorns - Studio Stems (FULL)

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The FULL download for all of the stems for all of the songs off 'Wrapped in Vines, Covered in Thorns'.

Songs (10): GHC, Dragon Sickness, A Message for Mr. Rascal, Promise Me, Never Coming Back, This Apocalypse, Powerless, The One Reborn, Wrapped in Vines Covered in Thorns, Grow

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What's included for each song (a zip file containing .wav files):

• All vocals
    - Singing Main takes, Singing Double takes, Harmonies, Screaming Main takes, Screaming Double takes, Screaming Layers, Vocal Delays, Filtered Vocals, Ambient Vocals

• All guitars / bass
    - Rhythm Left, Rhythm Right, Lead 1, Lead 2 (etc), Bass 

• Full drum kit
    - a single unmixed .wav file containing the entire drum kit

• All backtrack sounds / effects
   - Various Pads, Synths, Piano, Orchestra, Ambient noises, Bass Drops, Slams, other instruments


- "Please hold on" singing take
- Reverse Snares & Big Snare hits
- Intro Drum Fill
- Drum fill after first chorus is different, the official fill we used in the song wasn't saved unfortunately


*you may NOT use any sample / file from this pack in your own music other than for remix purposes ONLY. By purchasing this pack you agree to these terms. These are not YOUR samples / files to use, other than for remixes of the songs these packs are from.

*all sales are final. Refunds pending at our discretion. Please contact if you would like a refund, explaining your situation. Contact

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